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spokecard's Journal

Spoke Card Exchange
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This is a group for the lovers of Spoke Cards and the " Art and Craft" of making them. YES.. Making Spoke Cards is an art form ... (I think. Well it is now).
This group is an exchange that we will do on a fairly regular basis.

This is how it works...
1. We pick a subject matter ie; black cats, Christmas, shoes, Rock n Roll.
2. I then will set a date to sign in for that Spoke Card Exchange. When I have a total count of participants in that exchange I will post the number of cards you need to make.
3. You will then design and make that many Spoke Cards for that theme. I think 2 weeks will be plenty of time to do this.
4. Put the Spoke Cards and a self addresses envelope with postage to get back to you in an envelope and mail it to me.
5. I get everyone Spoke Cards then deal them out so now you have one of each.
6. I put them in your self addressed envelope and mail them back to you.
7. FUN!!!!!

I will then post them all so others will be jealous of our fun and join.. Ha Ha